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Strawberry Moscow Mule

I have no idea if you are supposed to write to your outdoor/hiking/adventure blog some drink recipes, but because the second name of my blog is a life that looks like me, I am going to introduce here to anyone who is interested and for me to remember the recipe when I otherwise for sure would not anymore next summer. This is an ultimate refreshing summer drink after a long day out in the mountains – or just doing whatever your are doing. And, this actually has quite some vitamins packed due to the amount of greens and fruit! I have never been a drink person really, but this summer I started experimenting at home with some recipes. I bought different juices, spirits and fresh fruits and started experimenting. This is definitely one of my favourites so far of all I have tested. So refreshing and the flavours of strawberry and basil round up nicely to gert her. Ginger beer adds some sparkles and the ice cubes the refreshing coldness.