Training adventure cat
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Training Coos the Cat, my future adventure cat

Coos the Cat is my 1 year and 2 months old Birman cat who loves good food and can be motivated with food to do almost anything.

We are going to travel on plane with Coos the Cat in a few weeks back to Finland to work and meet the family. Therefore, I try to take Coos on a daily basis to travel with me on car and explore new surroundings. The latest trip we made was just a few kilometers away from home: Natuurtuin de Veenmol.

We went there super early morning, around 7am, but still we saw the first people with their dogs that Coos would prefer never to see. I’m actually more scared of the wellbeing of the dogs than Coos the Cat when meeting them. Coos can be quite an aggressive small animal if a dog comes too close to make the acquaintance.

Coos got to see the first sheep in his life. The sheep was very interested in Coos, but after staring each other at less than 1 meter distance, Coos decided that this animal too is a bit scary and decided to continue the walk.

Day by day Coos is getting more comfortable with the new surroundings and the walking part is also improving. He even takes initiative to run and go forward instead of me trying to motivate him continuously to move forward 😉

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