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Orienteering in The Netherlands

The true childhood sport of mine is orienteering. I was exactly one year old when my parents took me for the first time to the forest with a map. Of course, I was just in the carrier and mama did all the work, but anyway, you get the point. This is my true sport.

However, I have been living in The Netherlands now quite accurately 3 years and for my shame only today I did orienteering for the first time here.

And oh how good it felt. I made a lot of mistakes and the 4,5 km course took me almost an hour, but it is so good to be back with this sport.

When comparing the Dutch and the Nordic orienteering, there is not so much difference as I first thought. The terrain is more flat here, but the difficulty is quite at the same level as in the Nordics. In the Netherlands, we have much more paths, but it does not make it necessarily easier. The flat terrain does not offer the easy mountain and hill sides to follow, but you need to find the exact spot in a flat terrain.

In the Netherlands, we have only five orientering clubs. Today’s event was organized by Olvminor club (Na Zomerse Wedstrijd). They were so welcoming to me today and welcomed me to join their club if I wished 🙂 Very big thank you to Olvminor for the challenging and enjoyable courses today!

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