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Friday night climbing

We started to do some climbing after our hike to Pilatus in Switzerland last summer just for the safety reasons – to be prepared to those paths that are not anymore paths but rock formations or even cliffs.

Even this new hobby started purely as a precaution for the future hikes, we have gotten hooked. Last night I managed to do my first 5c course (hurrah!) and even I thought I did’t have any energy left, thanks to my inefficient moves and technique, I reached still after the 5c the top of an 5b course.

In the hall we go to, there are courses from 3 to 6c+. (For the beginners, and for me to remember as I always forget: a is easier than c; a is the first of the alphabets, 1 is the first of the numbers :D)

I find it still a bit scary to trust those ropes and rope connectors. I trust fully my own equipment as I know it is in a good condition, but as I do not know how often in a hall they change the ropes to new or check the connections, I find it a bit scary. So far all has gone well and propably I just should start trusting all the equipment, also the ones that are not under my control 😉 and focus purely challenging myself in the wall.

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