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Hiking to the highest point of Zakynthos, Greece

The mountains of Zakynthos are soft and relaxed. There are almost no steep hills, but easily walkable uphills that give you some of the most beautiful views the island has to offer. We did this hike in the beginning of August, and did not bring any long sleeved shirts with us. For me this is a very very rare situation not to bring any clothes to protect against a cold weather. But I am just not used to the hot weather hikes. My last big hike was in Kilpisjarvi in Finland in February (warmest -15C, coldest -36C), so my late referenser is pretty much that.

For this hike, our alarms went off at 05:00 am enabling us to – get to the start point before 06:00 am – but most importantly, being back before 10:00 am when the hot weather hits.

We drove to a town named Louha which is a remote small town in the middle of the Zakynthos island. Driving this early morning was magigal . There was almost no traffic. We saw a couple of cars and one scooter on our way up to Louha.

The beginning of the route to the highest point is just a normal forest road that can be driven also with a car. In the half way, the road transforms to a path that is easy to follow. But there are quite many paths up there, so a map is a must to not to get lost within all the paths. Sometimes the path became again the forest road, so maybe you can even get with the wheels up there if you are not so much into walking.

For me this hike felt like a meditation. We started in a complete darkness. Sun rose softly behind the hills, waking us to a new beautiful day. It was actually nicely cool up on the hill that is 700+ meters high. A really welcome feeling when spending summer in this sauna-like hot island.

The road to the top is easy, but of I could chooce now, I would take my hiking boots instead of my running shoes 🙂 The path is from time to time very rocky. For sure, you can do this with running shoes, but hiking boots would be so much more comfy.

At the very top, there is a stone marking the highest point and the majestetic view around the island.

Trip back was easy downhill, enjoying the sunrise and the coolnes of the morning.

Here am I, with my flower that my dearest picked for me at the top. And I manage to transport it on plane back home. It is now in a small vase decorating our living room and reminding us of our nice holiday and the moment at the top of this island 🙂 Good times!

After the hike, we took a 3 hour nap before heading to have a late Sunday lunch with the dear friend family. This was for me probably one of the kind ultimate best vacation day there could ever be 🙂

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