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Top 2 restaurants in Zakynthos, Greece

What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.

Gabriel García Márquez

I did not have very big expectations regarding the restaurants in Zakynthos. I was actually expecting to see some standard beach clubs – but oh so wrong I was! However, when in Zakynthos, you need to know exactly where you are heading in order to find those places you really need to visit.

We visited plenty of restaurants during our 2 week stay on the island, but two of them, I’ll always remember: Nobelos and Cotton Club.

Cotton Club

We enjoyed our Sunday lunch dressed up appreciating the sea and mountain view. Pretty perfect – especially when you have woken up at 05:00 am to hike, then took a 3 hour nap, and were woken up to go for a lunch. I could spend the rest of my life with days like this. Unfortunately this was our last day on the island. Otherwise, we would certainly visited several times.

Cotton Club is a new restaurant in Zakynthos. The doors opened only a couple of months ago, but it has a sister restaurant that has established itself as an icon in Ibiza.

As a started, we had some sushi – that I forgot to take any pictures, so hungry was I. For maincourse, I had yellow veggie curry. This was a very smooth and tasty main course. The portions are just perfect – not too big, not too small. The dish was served with some side rise and decorated with delicious cilantro.

As a desert, I enjoyed some banoffee. I have propably been living under a stone for a while, but I have never before tasted a banoffee. Super delicious, almost too sweet dessert. After this, you do not need a second desert 🙂


If you do not know exactly where you are going, you’ll miss this restaurant. Located in the north of the island, after even dangerous ups and downs and curves on the road. There is a mini sign next to the road to this place.

This place, we actually visited twice during our holiday. It is not only the delicious big portions, but also the ultimaten professionalism of the staff and the beautiful sea views that got us there twice. Not in every Greek restaurant there is staff that is so professional, sophisticated and caring as in this place.

The restaurant is located on the north of Askos town. Sitting in the restaurant, you can view the Ionian see. You’ll for sure hear some cicadas. To be honest, they were actually quite load and for me, they could be mentioned as the only downside of this restaurant. But sure for the most of the people (having not that sensitive ears as mine), the sound of them is actually relaxing and quite romantic.

The portions are huge. We made the mistake of ordering too much, as the price level is quite much lower compared to the Netherlands/the Nordics. The starters are not small appetizers but quite filling meals as their own already 😀 I ordered a fish dish as the main course and got a half a fish served!

Unfortunately, we did not have space left in the stomach for the desert on neither times we visited this place. But I could imagine the deserts would be at least as delicious as the rest of the courses. For us, simple espressos were enough.

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