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Summer in Greece

This summer, we decided to go with a friend family on a holiday to Greece with their two sweet children – in ages 1 and 2,5 years. We booked a summer house with a private pool, the most convenient option in our opinion when travelling with small children.

Our daily routines consist of having a late breakfast, napping after the breakfast for the youngest ones (and sometimes the bigger ones too), taking the car to eat late lunch and swim in the sea. In the evenings, we come back to our house, swim a bit more and prepare our own dinner. If I wake up early enough, before it gets super got, I go for a run in the surroundings.

I have planned to go at least on a couple of days to hike to the mountains. However, this requires an early wake up morning (5.00am) as the weather becomes extremely hot around 10:00 am. Unfortunately, I forgot my driving license home and therefore, cannot drive the car myself. To succeed with my early morning hike plan, I need to motivate someone with a driving license by to join me – or at least to wake up early and drive me half an hour to the mountains.

Today we went to Nobelos to eat late lunch. It is a beautiful restaurant in the north part of the Zakynthos island. Everything we ate was lovely. As starters, we decided to share some bruschetta and garlic bread. As the main course, I took a fish soup. The portions were big and very tasty.

What worries me, is the animal welfare in Greece. We have seen too many dogs that are connected to a chain or in a cage….in this hot weather, without entertainment or affection….not even speaking about freedom. Also many horses a kept in a leash. For me, this could be in the future a big enough reason not to travel to a country that treats the animals like this. I do not know yet what I will do, but I have decided that one thing in my life what I will do is in some way structurally improve the animal welfare in this world.

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