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I used to write my fitness and food focused blog for years, but at the time I finished my studies and started to work full time, I stopped blogging. However, I have always loved to write.

I am not the most creative person in the world, but I feel the need to have a channel where I can fully express my creativity – in my own way. Sometimes it is drawing, sometimes it is running without a plan. Sometimes, it is scrolling through recipes and letting the imagination modify them based what I that moment have in the kitchen.

I actually started one blog in April in my mother tong – Finnish. However, I realised that many of my friends do not understand a word of Finnish, and the most important purpose of my blog is to share my daily things with friends far away – in a different way that an app or call would do.

The second purpose of my blog is to store my recipes in a way that I can find them later back. I want to have my recipes in a digital format, but saving them just on my laptop does just not feel right. I would like to inspire others also to try new recipes.

The third purpose of my blog is to share my adventures, especially sports. How weird it could sound, but sharing the sports motivates me. I guess there is a reason Strava is there…

And the name of my blog, it comes from the fact that I eat mainly vegan, but occasionally enjoy some dairy, fish or meat.

I am very happy that you are here. Welcome to my new blog.

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